Book Review: 50 Ways to Draw Your Beautiful Ordinary Life

Can’t draw? But still, want to give it a shot? Here’s a book to guide you through the process. It is probably the best self-help (or self-tutoring) art book for beginners.

  • Published by: Flow Magazine / Workman Publishing Co. Inc.
  • First published in March 2018
  • 250 pages in full colour
  • Printed in China
  • Priced at RM117.50
  • Available at Kinokuniya

The book has four sections and it begins with Home, then it moves on to Part 2 on Garden, the Style and the last part is on Nature. The chronology was carefully picked where you can find your inspiration from ordinary items in your home and it slowly get you towards the last part, nature. What it does is gradually train your brain to pick up the inspiration and open your mind into seeing daily objects as a subject worth drawing.

Sometimes we put too much expectation on ourselves when creating something, and we ended up getting frustrated. I love how this book use the simplest techniques (watercolor, sketching, tracing, etc.) to guide me and yet I get to achieve the end result.

Learning on perspective

Besides teaching you to draw, the book included some mini projects which you can experiment for crafting. What I love about this book is that, you can follow your own tempo on learning how to sketch, then move on to watercolor, without feeling intimidated by the environment you get in an art class (psst… besides, art classes are pretty expensive). You will be your own teacher and your own critic. Also, it is so easy to follow.

Learning on shadow & light
On the different coloring techniques

If you are experimenting in sketching, doodling and painting, this is the right book to invest.

Keep practicing your drawing by keeping a sketch journal, making a card (Mother’s Day is next month), or simply sketch your shopping list on stuff you need to buy.

After you have master the techniques, I encourage you to pass it on to someone who needs it.

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