4 Ways to Use Watercolor in Your Journal

A lot of us are intimidated by watercolor, especially when you think you don’t have the talent to paint. If you practice consistently, you’ll find that watercolor is the easiest medium to work with. I’m not going to talk about the conventional way of using watercolor to paint in this post, but rather, to help you discover the many ways to use watercolor.

1. Use as dip pen ink

With a little bit mixture of water and watercolor, you can create endless of dip pen ink. Make sure to get the right consistency so that it is not too runny and get a small pot to fill give enough depth for your pen dipping.

2. Use as stamp ink

It is the same concept as the dip pen ink, the watercolor can be transformed into ink for rubber stamps. You can paint the watercolor over the stamping area, or for a more even coverage, spread out the watecolor in a flat surface (name card box works well for small stamps in this case) and ink it as how you usually stamp.

3. Paint over a stamped image

Stamp your rubber stamp as usual with the Versafine ink and paint your watercolor over it. It looks as if you’ve hand drawn the image yourself. Versafine ink is waterproof and doesn’t smear even with lots of water, so it is definitely safe for this technique.

4. Create background pattern

You don’t have to be an art genius to create some background pattern in your journal. It can be a simple polka dot or mixed of color, simply to give your journal some pop of color.

Of all the techniques above, which one will you try?

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