How to Care for Your Rubber Stamps

Because rubber stamps are not cheap, we have a few suggestions for you if you would like to prolong your rubber stamps’ lifespan. If taken care properly, rubber stamps can last for generations.

Use rubber stamps cleaner

It is good to invest on a bottle of rubber stamp cleaner. The Staz On Cleaner costs about RM30+ but in return, it is able to condition your rubber stamp while cleaning it. You don’t have to clean it with the rubber stamp cleaner each time you’re done with your crafting. We usually clean it after using dark inks or after 5 uses. If you are not a rubber stamps heavy user, we suggest you to use micellar water.

Use micellar water to clean

Micellar water can be found at any drugstore around the makeup alley. Its main purpose is to remove makeups, but because of its efficacy in removing impurities, inks and dirt, you can also use it to clean your rubber stamp. Micellar water is safe for skin, hence it is definitely safe and gentle for your rubber stamps. You can also use this to clean your table which got contaminated by rubber tamps ink.

Use lint-free towels to clean

It is important to choose lint-free towel to clean your rubber stamps. Tissue papers and cotton might leave traces of debris that will stick to the surface of the rubber and the next time you use the rubber stamp, it will not stamp a precise line. It is best to use kitchen towel.

Use a toothbrush to get into areas that hard to clean

If you have OCD over uncleaned areas in between the pores of the rubber stamps, one good way to reach those difficult areas is to use toothbrush. Cover the rubber surface with a lint-free towel, apply the rubber stamp cleaner or micellar water on top the the towel, and brush it. The towel is suppose to protect the rubber from direct brushing. Remember to use gentle force so not to ruin the carving of the rubber stamp.

Apply oil on rubber stamps you hardly use

If you have rubber stamps that you hardly use such as Christmas stamps, lightly apply a layer of oil on the surface of the rubber. Use face oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil or any non-mineral oil to do so. The layer of oil prevent air from entering the pores of the rubber which makes the rubber harden.

Avoid storing near heat

Be mindful of where you store your rubber stamps. I once put the entire tray of rubber stamps next to my wall which exposed to direct sunlight on the other side. A few months later, the glue which sticks the rubber onto the wood handle completely came off. Best place to store it is away from heat and moisture. You go figure out where that would be.

Is there any tips you have in caring for rubber stamps? My favourite is to clean with micellar water. In my opinion, it cleans better than Staz On Cleaner which is meant for rubber stamps.

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