Daiso Stationery You Should Get

Daiso is the go-to place for me to stock up my journal supplies. Whenever I visit a Daiso store, whether it is in Malaysia or in other countries, I will march up to the stationery aisle before anything else. Not only they are affordable (RM5.90 for each item), the designs are also up to date and constantly changing. Most of all, their stationery is very thoughtfully designed.

Here are some of the stuff I would recommend if you were to shop for your stationery supplies at Daiso. Do comment below if you think there are some other stationery that not listed here, but I should definitely check-out.


Who doesn’t like stickers? Every time I visit Daiso, I will buy at least a sheet of sticker. Daiso has so many varieties of stickers – sheet, flakes, washi stickers, etc. Their recent animal designs stickers are the cutest thing they’ve sold.

Origami paper

If you’re looking for some origami paper, Daiso will spoil you with options. There are so many designs to choose from. You can make so many things out of these origami paper. I usually fold it into envelope and put in some stickers and ephemeral for my friends. I also use it as a background in my journal so that it can fill in some blank pages.

Transfer Stickers

Transfer stickers are the in-thing now. Usually the MU Print brand cost around RM9.90 and the stickers are small. The Daiso one only cost half the price but comes in bigger quantity. You can rub these stickers on any hard cover, so it is not only useful to decorate your journals, you can also decorate anything you have in mind.

Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are my weakness. You can find thin washis, thick washis, regular washis, wash stickers, etc. in Daiso. I particularly love the measuring tape designs washi. It is so a functional measuring tape but it is also washi. The thin pastel washi tapes are the cutest.

Gift Boxes

I don’t need gift boxes, but I always get it from Daiso because the designs are so irresistible. I store most of my knick-knacks in the box but rarely give it as a gift (because it is too cute).

Personal Information Blackout Stamp

Recently I found the personal information blackout stamp from Daiso, and I thought this is a brilliant design. Sometimes I am really lazy to tear out the information section from my letters, so I will use this to blackout the details. Plus, it makes a really unique design for my journal page as well.

Rubber Stamps

Daiso isn’t famous for its rubber stamps. But when they do, they usually come in small cube sized like the ones below. I only have a few rubber stamps and one of the nicest ones are the perfume bottles designs. It comes in a pack of two, so I can say it is really cheap. I do wish they make more rubber stamps though.

Name Card Holder

This is not exactly a stationer, but you can find it in the stationery section – the name cardholder. I use the name card holder for many purposes, one of it is to store my washi tapes. Whenever I buy a new washi tape, I will roll it in a name card-sized plastic and store it such as below. Not only it is neat, you can keep all the rolls of washi in the storeroom, you can also see all the designs you have easily. Whenever I go travel, I will just pick up a few cards and put them in my journal. It is really convenient. I thought you should try this out, that’s why I’m recommending the name cardholder. You can use any loyalty card or old credit cards as the base for you to roll your washi tapes.

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