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With 10.10 sales coming and next month it would be 11.11, there are tonnes of goodies to be grabbed on Shopee, especially in our case – the stationery. Shopee is my first stop for affordable stationery, especially for embellishments for my journal such as stickers, washi tapes, ticket tabs, etc. Not only that it is affordable, but I can also get a variety of options too. And Shopee has an immense number of stationery vendors that you can patronize. In this post, I will be showing you some of the trustworthy stationery vendors and also a little haul of what I bought. Most of it are so pretty, I think you should check it out too. Click on the shop name to go to their Shopee page.


Gaoyidian was known as Winzige Stationery. They changed the name in between but their service was as good as before. I suppose this store is the biggest stationery store on Shopee (in terms of sales and their number of listed items). The items are shipped from China. It took a week to reach, so I think the shipping duration wasn’t so bad. New stocks are listed every week, so you can get fresh designs all the time.

Here are some of the interesting finds on the store:


I bought a bunch of washi stickers from Lootersbox and the designs are mostly stock photos. These stock photos stickers are really handy in filling up empty spaces and also to coordinate the colour on your journal spread. I also find it really useful especially when you need to find a subject to write, simply find the most suitable sticker to stick on without having to print the photo. Lootersbox is a ready-stock Shopee seller and they ship from local.

Although looks transparent, when sticking on the journal page, it looks opaque


Lullacraft also ships locally with ready stock. They do have a great variety of paper items such as the polka dot tissue paper. I love Lullacraft because they send a personalized message and include some small gifts too.

Some other shops that I love are Mohamm, Jainabee Shop, What.Store, SugarCatz, Craftmates, bamboo1619 and GottaList Studio.

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  1. Nabilah says:

    I LOVE stuffs from Lullacraft! I bought a massive amount of journaling stuff from there last month and I can’t describe how I love my scrap journal now. Thank you for the suggestions of the other shops, definitely gonna check it out.

    Good day!

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