Prada x Traveler’s Company Regular Travelers Notebook in Camel

Travelers Company has done many collaborations with different brands, but never with a luxury fashion label before ’til last month. In September, Prada had a pop-up store at Selfridges and they brought Travelers Company onboard. All the merchandise of the crossover brand only sold in the physical store in London from 15th – 30th September. Needless to say, the Traveler’s Company section was swiped off clean within a few days.

I’m one of the lucky ones to get my hands on this very limited edition of Prada x Travelers Notebook. There are two colors to the Traveler’s Notebook – black and camel. I’ve already had a black TN, so I jumped right in to the camel one.

I also purchased the Prada TN brass tag, which I regretted later. The TN itself has a large imprint of Prada’s logo in front. Putting a branded tag on the cover is brand overloaded to me, and that is my biggest fashion faux pas.

As a TN collector, I’m glad I got it because the Prada x TN is not highly sought after and there’s no way you can get it anymore. The packaging, outlook and every aspect of the notebook are exactly the same as the generic TN. The only difference is having the logo imprinted and the notebook comes with a periwinkle blue insert. Even the packaging is the same. To some, this might not be worth it, but it will definitely become a conversation starter when I bring this along to my trip.

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